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LLAMA is an improvisational electronic band. The music style follows closely in the footsteps of the Dada art movement of the 1920's -- art which has no meaning. Likewise, the music of LLAMA has no meaning. No two performances were ever the same. The band never knew what they were going to play......they just played. Each session they played was 45 minutes long, the length of one side of a standard 90‑minute cassette tape. The band usually played two sessions. The selection of instruments was vast. Synthesizers, Drums, Guitars, Horns, Giant Gongs, Homemade Instruments, Anything and Everything. Debi used a unique pitch bending effects processor hooked up to her microphone and was able to change her voice different ways in real‑time. The music of LLAMA has no classification. The closest description would classify it as "Space Rock" or "Ambient". LLAMA toured the Midwest playing live shows at universities, nightclubs and outdoor events. Some of the more impressive live shows were accompanied by live interactive computer graphics on a wide screen projector in the background. The live music was fed into computer graphics processing equipment which produced some very impressive "real‑time" visuals. One very memorable evening was in 1993 when we played a concert at Marian University. Five minutes into our set, a priest stood up from the crowd, walked over to the mixing board and turned off all the power. He said in a loud voice, "This music is not appropriate for OUR students!" and then he started singing "Old Man River". It was a VERY bizarre moment This website contains several studio and live sessions recorded by the band LLAMA from 1986 through 1994. A majority of these analog recording sessions have been processed, cleaned‑up and converted into digital mp3 format. All mp3 files on these web pages may be downloaded for free. To date, 225+ hours have been converted from analog to digital. An additional 75+ hours are currently in transit from analog to digital RECORDING INFO Original Master Tapes: TDK IEC Type II High Bias CRO2 EQ:70µs + Maxell IEC Type II High Bias CRO2 EQ:70µs Analog Audio Processing: JVC TD‑W106 Dolby‑B NR System ‑‑› to ‑‑› Technics SA‑160 Quartz Synthesizer Digital Audio Hardware: EMU10K1 24‑Bit Analog to Digital Converter w/D4700 4‑CPU 3.0GHz Pentium Digital Audio Processing: Nero Wave Editor w/Spectral Subtraction Hiss Filter @ ‑50dB Gain w/50% Noise Reduction to ‑‑‑› Raw Digital Audio (HE‑ACC) + Transparent Encoding w/Constant Bit Rate@160kbs to ‑‑‑› PowerPack Lame MP3 Encoding / Audio Sample Rate @44kHz INSTRUMENT LIST Synthesizers: Yamaha (FB‑01, SHS‑10 Keytar), Roland (JX‑10, MKS‑70, MKS‑50, U‑20, GR‑1 Guitar Synth), Casio (SK‑1, 2000, DH‑100 MIDI Saxophone), Korg P3, Kawai K1r, Serge Modular System Samplers: Ensoniq (Mirage, EPS), Roland S‑50 Effects: Akai ME20A Arpeggiator, Alesis (Quadraverb, MicroVerb III, MidiVerb III), Art (SGE Mach II, Proverb), Boss (HM‑2, BF‑2 Flanger, PS‑2 Digital Pitch Shifter/Delay, DDS‑10 Stereo Digital Delay, RSD‑10 Digital Delay/Sampler), E‑Bow, NeXT Computer, PAiA 6710 Vocoder, Scholz Rockman Strings: Ibanez Custom Guitar, Fender Stratocaster, Hondo Bass, Viola, B4U Bass Guitar Woodwinds: Saxophone, Flute, Recorder, Harmonica, Trumpet Percussion: Bodhran, Talking Drum, Tambourine, Wood Blocks, Bells, Chimes, Pearl Drum Set, Insect‑O‑Plate, Roland TR‑707 Rhythm Composer, Alesis HR‑16 Drum Machine, Giant Steel Photo Developing Tray, Household Appliances