This Page Is A Temporary Placeholder For My Roland JV-880 LCD Replacement DIY

           JV-880 JV-880 LCD Replacement DIY   (PDF Download)


Ever since I bought a couple of broken JV‑880's online dirt cheap and repaired them, I've wanted to create a JV‑880 DIY homepage. However, my busy schedule has prevented me from creating one. Until a new homepage is created, here are a few online resources which JV‑880 owners might find useful
          JV-880 Loading SR‑JV80 Board and SO‑PCM Card Patches into the JV‑880 sweetwater.com
          JV-880 SysEx downloads for PN‑JV80‑01 Expansion Cards #1 through #6 oldschooldaw.com
          JV-880 Important Notice! Fix your SR‑JV80 expansion boards ASAP!!! gearspace.com
          JV-880 EDISYN ‑ Free Patch & Tone Editor (Mac, Windows, or Linux) ECLab - Sean Luke
          JV-880 SR-JV80 Expansion Board Demos (MP3 Format) nathansheldon.com
          JV-880 Large Collection Of JV-880 Patch downloads synthzone.com
          JV-880 SR-JV80 Expansion Boards #1 Through #19 roland.com
          JV-880 Espen Kraft JV-880 Video Review & Demo youtube.com
          JV-880 The Ultimate Roland JV, JD & XV FAQ donsolaris.com
          JV-880 PCM1-xx And PN-JV80 Cards sampodo.la.coocan.jp
          JV-880 DIY Multi-Bank RAM Card github.com
          JV-880 JV-880 Reference Page polynominal.com
          JV-880 JV-880 Overview muzines.co.uk
          JV-880 Sweetwater JV-880 Knowledgebase Support
The Sweetwater Knowledgebase contains a staggering amount of useful tech info for every synth and sampler they have sold... past and present. This link spits out more than 25 helpful references for JV‑880 operation including:
  • System Initialization
  • Restoring Factory Patches
  • Expansion Board Compatibility and more

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