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This utility reads MKS‑50, Alpha Juno‑1, Alpha Juno‑2, HS‑10 or HS‑80 Bulk Dump *.SYX files from your computer's hard drive and displays all of the Tone names on screen. Click the button below to load a valid SysEx Bulk Dump file from one of these five synthesizers. You may then copy the names from the screen and paste them into a text file or a spreadsheet. This can be useful for identifying specific sets to help organize your sound library

  ∎ Javascript: Must be turned on in your browser (It's usually turned on by default)
  ∎ Bulk Dump File: Created by using these button sequences on your synthesizer:
       ✓ MKS-50: [ DATA TRANSFER ] - [ PARAM ∇ ] - [ VALUE ∇ ] - Bulk*Save [ T-a/b ] - [ WRITE ]
       ✓ Alpha Juno or HS : Press [ DATA TRANSFER ] ‑ [ WRITE ] ‑ [ BULK DUMP ] at the same time until
           Bulk Save MIDI.o appears on the LCD (When performing a BULK DUMP, Notice the lowercase 'o' !!!)

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   Windows / Mac OS X / iOS / MX Linux / Ubuntu / Mint
     *Not compatible with Internet Explorer
        It's a Microsoft issue... go figure

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Choose an MKS-50, Alpha Juno-1, Alpha Juno-2, HS-10 or HS-80 Bulk Dump SysEx File