AKAI S1000/S1100, S3000 Or Roland CD‑ROM? v1.0        Release Notes RELEASE_NOTES
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S-760     SP-700
This online utility will check AKAI CD‑ROM *.ISO files to determine if they are in S1000/S1100 or S3000 CD‑ROM format. This is useful because Roland S‑760 and SP‑700 samplers are able to "Convert Load" AKAI S1000/S1100 CD‑ROM *.ISO files but are not able to load AKAI S3000 CD‑ROM *.ISO files. This utility is also able to determine if a Roland CD‑ROM *.ISO file is formatted for use with S‑750, S‑760, S‑770, SP‑700 ‑or‑ S‑550, W‑30, DJ‑70MKII samplers
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