S-750 / S‑760 / S‑770 / DJ‑70 / DJ‑70MKII Disk Image Reader - Release Notes

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Version 1.0 - 02/07/2021
     • Initial Release

Version 1.1 - 03/21/2021
     • Added a rejection message when trying to read an invalid CD-ROM *.ISO file
     • Modified The 'Choose File' Button For Better Visibility

Version 1.2 - 05/07/2022
     • Added the ability to recognize the difference between an S-760 Boot Disk and a Roland Service Center S-760 Test Disk
     • Notification added if a Roland Service Center S-760 Test Disk is detected

Version 1.3 - 09/017/2022
     • Minor changes to streamline the code and speed up the program

Version 1.4 - 12/12/2022
     • Added code to recognize legacy S-750 and S-770 Boot Disks 

     • DJ-70 and DJ-70MKII Disk image files have not been tested thoroughly but so far... everything appears to be working correctly

Questions & Answers

Q: Is there any way to run this utility offline without being connected to the Internet?
A: Absolutely! It's quite easy. Simply right‑click on the HTML links S‑7xx_disk_info.html and S‑7xx_Reader_Release_Notes.html then use the "Download Linked File As..." option within your browser and save these two files to a folder on your hard drive. Everything will work exactly the same. To make it look identical with all the original images, right‑click and use the "Save Image As..." option for s750_s760_s770_rsb.jpg, ssampzone_inverse.jpg, PRG_icon.jpg, computer_bug.gif, text_icon.jpg and paypal_donate_smaller.jpg in the same folder as the HTML files

I designed this as an online utility for three reasons:
        1) No software to install
        2) It's easier to distribute this way as a simple webpage
        3) The most current version will always available online

Q: Can you add a feature which allows the ability to edit and write the Sample, Patch, etc... names?
A: No way, José! Apple, Mozilla and Google go out of their way to make sure that browsers can't write data directly onto the hard drive because of hackers. The only way to write to the hard drive would be to make a stand‑alone program which doesn't use a browser. I don't code anything other than HTML so no plans for a stand‑alone program are in the works

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(If you want to report a bug or have a feature added, let me know)