SysEx VERIFY UTILITYSysEx File Verification Utility - v1.1(b)      Release Notes
© 2016 by K. Meiere -

I was organizing my Patch and Tone libraries and noticed that several SysEx files downloaded from the Internet had non‑descriptive names. I had no idea which synthesizer or sampler they were for. I decided to write a utility to display the information within each file so I could match them with the correct synth/sampler. As a bonus, this utility shows the MIDI channel the files were originally saved to. After choosing the correct MIDI channels on my synths/samplers, I'm now able to load and use several *.SYX files which I originally thought were "broken"
This utility will: Display The Op Code | Identify The Synth/Sampler Make And Model | Suggest A MIDI Channel To Use

Synthesizers And Samplers Currently Supported;

Roland    αJuno‑1     αJuno‑2     D‑10      D‑110    D‑20     D‑5     D‑50    D‑550     D‑70    DJ‑70
   GR‑1     GR‑30     GR‑50      HS‑10    HS‑80     JD‑800     JD‑900    JP‑8000     Jupiter‑8     JV‑1000 
   JV‑1010     JV‑1080     JV‑2080      JV‑30    JV‑50     JV‑35     JV‑80    JV‑880     JV‑90    JX‑1
   JX‑10     JX‑8P     MKS‑100      MKS‑50    MKS‑70     MKS‑80     Model 660    Model 760     MT‑32    S‑10
   S‑220     S‑330     S‑50      S‑550    S‑700     S‑750     S‑760    U‑110     U‑20    U‑220
   VK‑1000     XP‑10     XP‑30      XP‑50    XP‑60     XP‑80                     
Kawai    K1     K1m     K1r      K3    K4     K4r     K5    K5m        
Korg    A1     A2     EX‑800      01/W    03R/W     05R/W     M1    M1R        
   M3     M3R     Poly‑800      T1    T2     T3     Wavestation                  
Casio    CZ‑1     CZ‑101     CZ‑1000      CZ‑3000    CZ‑5000                              
Oberheim    Matrix‑6     Matrix‑6R     Matrix‑12      Matrix‑1000    Xpander                              
E‑mu    Proteus 1     Proteus 2     Proteus 3     Proteus FX                                    
Yamaha    DX‑11     FB‑01                     
✵ If your synthesizer or device is not on this list, the manufacturer and Op Code might still be determined
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S-50 / S-550 ZONE

Choose a valid SysEx File [*.SYX] - i.e. Bulk Bump, Patch File, Tone File, etc...