SysEx File Verification Utility - v1.3               Release Notes
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I was organizing my Patch and Tone libraries and noticed that several SysEx files downloaded from the Internet had non‑descriptive names. I had no idea which synthesizer they were for. I decided to write a utility to display the information within each file so I could match them with the correct synth. As a bonus, this utility showed me the MIDI channel the files were originally saved to. After choosing the correct MIDI channel on my synths, I was able to load and use several *.SYX files which I thought were "broken". No need to install any software because this utility works with any web browser (except Internet Explorer)

This utility will:
Display Op Code | Identify Make & Model | Suggest MIDI Channel To Use

Synthesizers And Samplers Currently Supported
Casio    CZ-1     CZ-101     CZ-1000     CZ-3000     CZ-5000  
E-Mu    Proteus 1     Proteus 2     Proteus 3     Proteus FX  
Kawai    K1     K1m     K1r     K3     K4     K4r     K5     K5m  
Korg    A1     A2     EX-800     01/W     03R/W     05R/W     M1     M1R     M3     M3R  
  Poly-800     T1       T2     T3     Wavestation  
 Oberheim    Matrix-6     Matrix-6R     Matrix-12     Matrix-1000     Xpander  
Roland    αJuno-1     αJuno-2     D-10     D-110     D-20     D-5     D-50     D-550     D-70     DJ-70  
  GR-1     GR-30     GR-50     HS-10     HS-80     JD-800     JD-990     JP-8000     Jupiter-8     JV-1000  
  JV-1010     JV-1080     JV-2080     JV-30     JV-35     JV-50     JV-80     JV-880     JV-90     JX-1  
  JX-8P     JX-10     MKS-50     MKS-70     MKS-80     MKS-100     Model 660     Model 760     MT-32     S-10  
  S-220     S-330     S-50     S-550     S-700     S-750     S-760     U-110     U-20     U-220  
    VK-100     XP-10     XP-30     XP-50     XP-60     XP-80  
Yamaha    DX-11     FB-01  
          ❖ If your synthesizer or device is not on this list, the manufacturer and Op Code may still be determined
          ❖ This utility will not work with Internet Explorer. Please use Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera

Choose a valid SysEx File [*.syx] - i.e. Bulk Bump, Patch File, Tone File, etc... - SysEx File Verification Utility