Super JX Reader - v2.0        Release Notes © 2015 by K. Meiere - This utility reads Super JX‑10 and MKS‑70 Bulk Dump files from your computer's hard drive and displays all of the Patch and Tone names on screen. Click the button below to load a valid Super JX Bulk Dump file. You may then copy the names from the screen and paste them into a text file or a spreadsheet. This can be useful for identifying specific sets to help organize your sound library
    • JX-10: ROM IC v1.72 through v3.x*
    • MKS-70: ROM IC v1.04 through v1.08*
    • Javascript: Browser needs this turned on (Usually on by default)
    • Bulk Dump File: Created by using Super JX button sequence of;
      [MIDI] - [WRITE] - [α-Dial ==> "MIDI BULK DUMP"] - [ENTER]
    • L = JX-10 Lower Tone (Tone B for MKS-70)
    • U = JX-10 Upper Tone (Tone A for MKS-70)
    • T#01 to T#50 = User Defined Tones (RAM)
    • T#51 to T#100 = Preset Memory Tones (ROM)
    • Windows** / Mac OS X / LINUX / Solaris / HP-UX / SGI IRIX
  * Does not work with v4.x Vecoven PWM Patches/Tones

** Incompatible with Internet Explorer. It's a Microsoft thing :^)
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