D-10 Patch & Tone Reader - v1.1                        Release Notes RELEASE_NOTES
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  •   Bulk Dump D-10 SysEx File: Created by using these button sequences
             Press [ DATA TRANSFER ] - LCD should now show 'Card Select / Save    Load'
             Press [ DISPLAY ▽ ] twice - LCD should now show 'One-way Bulk / Dump    Load'
             Press [ ⇐LOWER ] to choose Dump - LCD should now show 'One-way Dump Sel / All'
             Press [ ⇐LOWER ] to choose All ‑ LCD should now show 'One‑way Dump All / Sure?    Enter'
             (Prepare The SysEx Program On Your Computer Or Sequencer To Receive Data)
             Press [ ENTER ] - LCD should now show 'Dump One Way All / Sending'
             (When the D‑10 stops sending data to the SysEx program, save file using the *.SYX extender)
This web browser utility reads D‑10 Bulk Dump *.SYX files from a computer, tablet or smartphone and displays all Patch & Tone names. Click the 'Choose File' button below to load a D‑10 *.SYX Bulk Dump file. You may then copy the names from the screen and paste them into a text file or a spreadsheet. This can be useful for identifying specific sets to help organize your D‑10 sound library

The SysEx file must have been originally saved on the D‑10 as
BULK DUMP (Dump One Way ‑ All)

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  • Windows / Mac OS X / iOS / LINUX / Atari ST / SGI IRIX / HP-41CV
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Choose a D-10 Bulk Dump *.SYX File (Originally Saved As 'Dump One Way - ALL')

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