Pittsburgh Modular Structure Core 420 Bracket Installation

     by llamamusic.com

The Structure Core Mounting Bracket Kit for attaching a Core 420 case onto the top of an EP‑420 case is available at this link

The Mounting Bracket Kit includes:
      • 2 Black Powder Coated Steel Brackets
      • Several Mounting Screws
      • 4 Rubber Feet
When screwing into wood, it is best practice to drill a small pilot hole before inserting the screw. I used a 1/16" drill bit to make the pilot holes. Mark a depth of 1/4" on the drill bit with some duct tape so you don't drill completely through to the other side and damage anything inside the case. Place the four rubber feet on the bottom of the Core 420 to stabilize the top case. This also offers a bit of cushioning so the two pieces of wood are not rubbing together.

I attached my brackets on the back and 2" from the sides. These thick steel brackets seem unbendable to me but for even greater stability, you can attach them to the sides. However, it takes away from the appearance and the one on the left slightly impedes the power switch area. When tightening the screws, stop when you meet a good bit of resistance and do not continue tightening, as to avoid stripping the threading in the wood.

The black stained Baltic birch ply showing off some nice patterns. It's a shame to hide it against the wall.

My EP-420 and Core 420 are now maxed out. It's time to grab some patch cables and dig in.



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