Battery Damage
Well...... I finally replaced the internal lithium battery in my GR-1. I've owned my GR-1 for a looooong time and I've never had to replace the battery. I thought I would stay one step ahead of the game and replace the battery now before it leaks and causes any circuit board damage.

I buy all of my coin cell batteries from
The battery is a CR2032 Lithium Battery (Mouser P/N: 658‑CR2032)

Luckily, there is already a battery holder installed. Less work!

I recommend buying a name-brand battery like Panasonic. Saving fifty cents to purchase an off-brand is, in my opinion, a bad idea. This battery is going to last a very long time so get a quality one without the need to worry about a cheap-o brand leaking and ruining your circuit board

Before you start, make sure you have saved all of your Patches to an external device like your computer or PCM RAM Data Card.
* * * All of the internal Patches will be erased when the old battery is removed! * * *

Make sure you are properly grounded and working on a static-free workbench or table.
* * * Please don't ignore the advice of grounding and a static-free area * * *
The chances of finding new circuit boards...... slim to none ;)

The replacement took me about 45 minutes from start to finish. I was taking extra time and being extremely careful to avoid any ESD nightmares. If you use care, it's possible to replace the battery without unplugging any cable assemblies.

(Refer to the images below and keep track of screw placement because they are different sizes)

1) Unplug the synthesizer!

2) Remove fourteen screws on the bottom panel (Do not remove the six screws which hold the PCB in place)

3) Remove three screws from the back of the top cover

4) Place the GR-1 on a flat surface with the back facing you and carefully lift the top cover up about 5cm

5) Turn the GR-1 front towards you and lift the top cover 90 degrees away from you

6) Locate the battery, replace it with battery P/N: CR2032 and reassemble the case

7) While holding the [ WRITE/COPY ] button, power on the GR-1

8) Press the [ ENTER/YES ] button
        This initializes the entire system and copies all 200 PCM Tones + 64 Patches from ROM IC20 into RAM
        Your GR-1 is now "Factory Fresh" with all the original Patches' and system settings
GR-1 Bottom Panel Removal
GR-1 Cover Removal

GR-1 Cover Removal

Safety Precautions and Disclaimer:
Modifications made to any factory stock equipment will always pose an element of risk. Sometimes mistakes are made which are irreversible. Improper soldering and handling of electricity can cause serious injury and damage the GR-1. Use caution when handling static sensitive devices and the PCB. Make sure you are properly grounded, working on a static-free workbench or table and wearing eye protection during any soldering tasks. The author is not responsible for any damage or injury resulting from this DIY info. Use this DIY information at your own risk. And, I can't stress enough, the importance of wearing eye protection while soldering. That stuff flies everywhere sometimes!

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