S‑50 / S‑550 / S‑330 / W‑30 Disk Image Reader v1.4       Release Notes
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This online utility reads S‑50 / S‑550 / S‑330 and W‑30 disk image files (*.OUT, *.S50, *.S33, *.W30, *.IMG) from a computer hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card or MicroSD card and will display:
  • Individual Sample Lengths And Wave Bank Locations
  • Sub Tones And Corresponding Original Tone Numbers
  • Audio Output Jack Assignments (S-550, S-330 & W-30 only)
  • Unused Sample Space Remaining On The Disk
  • Recorded Sample Frequency Rates
  • Patch Listing  - P1 to P8 (S-50)
                     P1 to P16 (S-550 & W-30)
                     P11 to P48 (S-330)
  • Tone Listing   - I11 to I48
  • Disk Label     - 12 x 5 Character Block
  • O/S Info       - S-50  Ver. 1.00 to Ver. 2.00
                     S-550 Ver. 1.01 to Ver. 1.15
                     S-330 Ver. 1.00 to Ver. 1.03
                     W-30  Ver. 1.02 to Ver. 1.10
  OUT JACK = Output Jack Assignments (1 to 8, T = Tone)
      TIME = Sample time in seconds (ST## = Subtone Number)
       kHz = Recorded Sample Frequency (15kHz or 30kHz)
         W = Wave bank where the sample is stored (A or B)
S-50 / S-550 ZONE

    ✓   No software to install
    ✓   All you need is a browser
* Incompatible w/Internet Explorer ...a non‑issue for most users

    ✓   Windows / Mac OS X
    ✓   LINUX / SGI IRIX / Sun Solaris
    ✓   Atari TOS / NeXT / FORTRAN

S-50 / S-550 ZONE
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