Roland S-760 Rotary Encoder DIY Replacement


There are two ways to repair an S‑760 encoder:
  • The Quick & Easy Way by using a custom encoder PCB, a new encoder and the existing connector wiring harness

  • The Low-Cost Way which requires some DIY soldering by using the old encoder PCB, a new encoder and the existing connector wiring harness
S-50_S-550_ZONE At the bottom of this page is a diagram showing how to remove the S‑760 case and access the Encoder Board

The Quick & Easy Way

With a suggestion by Ray Bellis, I've designed a replacement encoder board which is "almost" a drop‑in solution. This new PCB uses the existing connector and wiring harness on the sampler. Simply solder the old encoder board wires onto this new PCB and pop it in place. I've set the price with zero markup costs and OSHPark will ship it anywhere in the universe for free. Such a cool service by OSHPark. My investment costs in producing the PCB is zero... only my design time. You can order the PCB from OSH Park at a minimal cost here

(Note: Because these are so tiny, OSHPark needs to sell a minimum of three PCB's at a time. The price works out to about $1 per PCB. Still a bargain! Especially if you have more than one S‑760)

          Installation instructions here

S-50_S-550_ZONE            S-50_S-550_ZONE

The Low-Cost Way

I've included this method if the price to have a custom PCB (above) sent to your country is cost prohibitive. These are instructions from the old method I used before creating the new PCB. It requires some un‑soldering/re‑soldering, extra wires and reusing the existing encoder PCB and wiring connector harness. It's a lot of extra work but the price is minimal... Under $3 (USD)

  Bourns Encoder P/N: PEC11L-4225F-S0015
          Mouser P/N: 652-PEC11L4225FS0015
             Detents: 30
                 PPR: 15
         Output Type: QUADRATURE
            Channels: 2
        Shaft Length: 25mm (the original was 30mm)
               Price: $2.34 (USD)

                    Link Arrow Roland S-760 Rotary Encoder Replacement DIY   (PDF File)

S-50_S-550_ZONE S-50_S-550_ZONE     
Exploded View Of The Original Encoder (Switch - Wipers - Rotor)                      Replacement Encoder Prepared With New Wires For Placement

S-50_S-550_ZONE S-50_S-550_ZONE S-50_S-550_ZONE
New Encoder Mod Soldered Onto The Original Encoder Board

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S-760 Case Opening


Safety Precautions and Disclaimer
Modifications made to any factory stock equipment will always pose an element of risk. Sometimes mistakes are made which are irreversible. Improper soldering and handling of electricity can cause serious injury and damage the synthesizer. Use caution when handling static sensitive devices and the PCB. Make sure you are properly grounded, working on a static-free workbench or table and wearing eye protection during any soldering tasks. The author is not responsible for any damage or injury resulting from this DIY info. Use this DIY information at your own risk. And, I can't stress enough, the importance of wearing eye protection while soldering. That stuff flies everywhere sometimes!

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