I installed and tested OmniFlop Version: 3.0 with Windows XP (SP3) and also Windows 7 Ultimate (32‑bit)

OmniFlop requires an Internal 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive (FDD). External and USB FDD's will not work

In order to get OmniFlop to work with the Roland 720KB and 1.44MB disk formats, you will need to install the OmniFlop drivers which are included in the *.ZIP file. I followed the instructions in the PDF file and the new driver installation was hassle‑free*

     OMNIFLOP DOWNLOAD OmniFlop can be downloaded here   S-50 / S-550 3.5 ICON

*One thing I would watch out for is that the OmniFlop driver will change your existing Windows Floppy Disk Drive driver and also the Floppy Disk Controller driver. You might want to play it safe and back‑up these two driver files prior to installing OmniFlop. The original drivers for both of my Windows systems (WinXP Pro SP3 and Win7 Ultimate 32‑Bit) were located at:



My first attempt at using OmniFlop failed because the MITSUMI Model D353M3D 3.5" FDD was incompatible with OmniFlop and the Roland disk format. I wanted to point out this particular FDD because the specifications say this model is able to read/write 1.44MB disks and also 720KB disks. However, for unknown reasons, the 720KB mode does not work with OmniFlop and this model

So... I replaced it with a different brand and model, the NEC FD1231T. This new one works great. This model reads/writes both 720KB and 1.44MB disk formats. I have been able to create Boot and Sound Disks for the S‑50, S‑550, S‑330, W‑30 and S‑760 without any issues

Update - March 2018 - I've since tested two other 3.5" FDD's which also work well with OmniFlop


S-50 / S-550 ZONE

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