D-110 ZONE

D-110 ZONE     D-110 ZONE     D-110 ZONE - BATTERY     D-110 ZONE     D-110 ZONE

  • To access Tones of the D-110 internal memory section
    • Press [ EXIT ] three times
    • Press [ TIMBRE ]
    • Press [ EDIT ]
    • Press [ PARAMETER BANK △ ]   -or-   [ PARAMETER BANK ▽ ]
      • Press △ -or- ▽ until ixx is shown in the upper right
        • (where xx = 01 through 64)
    • Press [ VALUE △ ]   -or-   [ VALUE ▽ ] to cycle through all 64 internal Tones

        YELLOW_LINK_ARROW Download the D-110 version of the Austin Leeds SysEx file


  • To access Tones of the D-10 internal memory section
    • Press [ MULTI TIMBRAL / PERFORMANCE ] until a red LED appears next to MULTI TIMBRAL
    • Press [ EDIT ] ("Edit Select / Timbre   Tone" is shown)
    • Choose [ Timbre ] by pressing the ↼LOWER button
      • Tone Select / zxx: Name" is shown where z = a, b or i and xx = 01 through 64)
    • Press [ VALUE △ ]   -or-   [ VALUE ▽ ] until the lower case letter "i" appears and starts blinking
    • Press the UPPER⇀ button and Tone number xx will start blinking
    • Press [ VALUE △ ]   -or-   [ VALUE ▽ ] to cycle through all 64 Tones
      • The [ VALUE ] slider can also be used to quickly cycle through all 64 internal Tones

        YELLOW_LINK_ARROW Download the D-10 version of the Austin Leeds SysEx file  (click on "...more" at this YouTube link)


==========================================    ===================================================    ===================================================
                TONE BANK i                                 PATCH BANK A (D-10 ONLY)                               PATCH BANK B (D-10 ONLY)
==========================================    ===================================================    ===================================================
T#    TONE NAME      T#    TONE NAME          P#     PATCH NAME           P#     PATCH NAME          P#     PATCH NAME           P#     PATCH NAME
==========================================    ===================================================    ===================================================
i01   Reso Bop       i33   Fifth Pad          A-11   Space Stringz        A-51   Fat Lead            B-11   Voxy Women Sing      B-51   Orchestra Hit!
i02   Metal Arp      i34   Funk Bass          A-12   Silent Night         A-52   Square Lead         B-12   Analog Brass         B-52   Violin-Strings
i03   80s Brass      i35   Sync Bass          A-13   Supersaw Hero        A-53   Brassy Solo         B-13   Delicate Voices      B-53   Bright Brass
i04   DLY Square     i36   VBass              A-14   Strings 2            A-54   Saw Lead            B-14   Peaceful Choir       B-54   Concert Flute
i05   Somnium        i37   Mini Bass          A-15   Tropical Tone        A-55   Doctor Solo         B-15   Glass Voices         B-55   Pizzicato
i06   Tada           i38   Thus Spoke         A-16   C&W Harmony          A-56   Clav+Organ Lead     B-16   Harmonic Vox         B-56   Crystal Celesta
i07   Supersaw1      i39   Acous Gtr          A-17   Bend me 5ths         A-57   Metalized Dist      B-17   Velo-Oct Synth       B-57   Rain Harp
i08   Supersaw2      i40   PickGuitar         A-18   S&H Bell             A-58   Axel F Lead         B-18   Skipping Track       B-58   Timpani & Cymbal
i09   ClaviWah       i41   NES                A-21   Yoshi's Story        A-61   12 String Guitar    B-21   Elec Organ           B-61   Fat Synth Bass
i10   BP Chanter     i42   GutSyn             A-22   Piano                A-62   Pick Guitar         B-22   Rotor Organ          B-62   Fifth Pad
i11   BP Drone       i43   Afritoto           A-23   Synth Piano          A-63   2001                B-23   Jazzy Organ          B-63   Virtual Bass
i12   GritOrgan      i44   Brass Pad          A-24   Honky-Tonk Piano     A-64   Backing EG          B-24   Real Pipe Organ      B-64   Sync Bass
i13   Axel F Arp     i45   Saw Lead           A-25   Delay Squares        A-65   Overdrive Gtr       B-25   Pforgan              B-65   Ac-Bass & Vibe
i14   Strings2       i46   SquareSolo         A-26   Sleepy Pad           A-66   NES                 B-26   Full Hammond         B-66   Hawaiian Palm
i15   B3Edible       i47   AxelF Lead         A-27   Sweeten Piano        A-67   Funky Clav          B-27   Hammond              B-67   Brass Combo
i16   Initialize     i48   DoctorSolo         A-28   Ragtime Piano        A-68   Wired Harpsi        B-28   Polar Bell           B-68   Synth Combo
i17   Tomita         i49   Mild Bell          A-31   Brasssynth           A-71   Melodic Koto        B-31   Blow Sax             B-71   Joyful Times
i18   KS700          i50   Gruis Bell         A-32   Soft Brass           A-72   Init                B-32   Sax Duo              B-72   Vibraharp
i19   Velo Brass     i51   Organ Bell         A-33   Big ol' Brass        A-73   Japanese Plucks     B-33   Deep Note            B-73   Fantasy Bells
i20   Touch Horn     i52   Jingle             A-34   Sweep Horns          A-74   Trad Sho            B-34   Tango Passion        B-74   Alarm Clock
i21   Pianoforte     i53   Oh Yeah!           A-35   PianoForte           A-75   Indian Sitar        B-35   Pizzagogo            B-75   Gruis Bell
i22   Brass Pad      i54   MellowOrg          A-36   Low Brass            A-76   Incaic Flute        B-36   Christmastime        B-76   Pipe Organ
i23   Pizzagogo      i55   Hammond            A-37   Jingle Brass         A-77   Steel Band          B-37   Reso Tink            B-77   Hit Me!
i24   SilentPad      i56   Sweep Bell         A-38   Pianish Horns        A-78   Balinese Hit        B-38   Harmonicity          B-78   Power Beat
i25   Osc Brass      i57   Soft Sqr           A-41   Clavinet Wah-Wah     A-81   Sexy Stringz        B-41   Soft Flute           B-81   Seashore
i26   Syn Choir      i58   Space Clav         A-42   Bagpipes             A-82   Grasshoppers        B-42   Winds Ensemble       B-82   One Note Jam ?
i27   Choir Pad      i59   Sweep Pad          A-43   Axel F Arp           A-83   Telephone Ring      B-43   Recorders            B-83   Soft Squares
i28   Voxy Women     i60   SexyString         A-44   Arco Strings         A-84   Bird Twitter        B-44   Master Clarinet      B-84   Water Bells
i29   OrganGrand     i61   Seashore           A-45   Vibe Strings         A-85   Reso Sweep          B-45   Bassoon-Oboe         B-85   Space Clavinet
i30   Poly Synth     i62   SexyPad            A-46   Sforzand Strings     A-86   Cosmic Waves        B-46   Blow Pipes           B-86   Jangle Tune
i31   Reso Tink      i63   Brass Pad          A-47   Cosmostrings         A-87   Jump Lead           B-47   Breathy Ens.         B-87   Explosion
i32   Sweep Arp      i64   Airport            A-48   Hollow Koto          A-88   Reverse Spin        B-48   Human Whistle        B-88   Takeoff Jet

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