D-110 ZONE

UPDATES: July 2019

     Volume Potentiometer Replacement - Part number, pics and replacement tips

UPDATES: March 2019

     D-10 & D-110 Alternate Patch Collection #3 - A high-quality Patch collection provided by Austin Leeds

     Tact Switch Replacements - Part numbers, pics, repair tips and vendor info
     Differences And Control Inputs/Outputs On The D-10 & D-110 - How do these two synths compare?

UPDATES: February 2019

     D-110 LCD Replacement - An excellent Winstar/Raystar OLED screen and free 3D Print plans!!!

UPDATES: December 2017

     New D-10, D-110, D-5 and D-20 Editors - Lots of great stuff from Coffeeshopped!!!

UPDATES: September 2015

     New D-110 Homepage Goes Live!

D-110 ZONE     D-110 ZONE D-110 ZONE - BATTERY D-110 ZONE     D-110 ZONE

D-110 ZONE