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D-110 ZONE

IC19 on the PCB

VER. 1.01  [ 88/xx/xx ]
VER. 1.02  [ 88/xx/xx ]
VER. 1.03  [ 88/xx/xx ]
VER. 1.04  [ Not Used ]
VER. 1.05  [ Not Used ]
VER. 1.06  [ 88/04/05 ]
VER. 1.07  [ 88/06/14 ]
VER. 1.08  [ 88/xx/xx ]
VER. 1.09  [ 88/xx/xx ]
VER. 1.10  [ 88/08/30 ]
VER. 1.11  [ 89/xx/xx ]
VER. 1.12  [ 89/12/22 ]
VER. 1.13* [ 90/05/23 ]
* Final ROM IC Version
To determine the ROM IC version of a D‑110

     Press and hold [ PART ▽ ], [ PARAMETER BANK ▽ ], and [ ENTER ] buttons while turning on the power

The display format is
          D-110 ver x.xx
          MONTH DAY, YEAR

Thanks to online user fifcic in a discussion over at gearsz.com, the final D‑110 ROM IC firmware binary (v1.13) is available here if you want to roll your own

      D-110 firmware-d110_113_QL01542.zip
VER 1.01 ROM IC Fixes These Bugs
1) When "Overflow Assign Switch" (in System Setup mode)is ON, "ROM play" (demonstration) is suppressed
2) In Timbre Write mode, the edited timbre parameters cannot be written into Group B
3) Timbre parameter "Assign Mode" can be selected "1" through "5". (In fact,"1" through "4")
4) Both "Tone Copy" and "Partial Copy" are not performed properly
5) When (user-programmable) Rhythm tone in the internal memory is assigned in Rhythm Setup mode, the rhythm sound will become strange
6) When D‑110 sends data to Timbre temporary area using MIDI exclusive message; and if the least significant 4 bits are not "0", D‑110 will rewrite the data in irrelevant area or be locked up
7) When ROM play (demonstration) is executed, the data in both Timbre and Patch memory areas will be forcibly rewritten
8) The setting (Patch + Rhythm Setup) at power‑off might not be kept holding
9) Turning the power off in ROM play mode might result in that the former tone color remains keeping
10) After ROM play (demonstration) is executed, the parameters below are forcefully initialized as follows;
Master Tune = 442
Control 1ch = OFF
Exclu Unit# = 17

VER 1.02 ROM IC Fixes These Bugs
1) [100V version only] After D‑110 sends out "Write Request" in Exclusive, the D‑110 does not work properly
2) When D‑110 receives "Partial Reserve" in Exclusive, "Total Limit Check"function does not work properly
3) In Exclusive, D‑110 does not recognize the message whose size is 256 bytes

VER 1.03 ROM IC Fixes These Bugs
1) [100V version only] In Hand Shake mode of Exclusive, when transmitting data, the D‑110 does not recognize an ACK message from the receiver


[ Not Released ]

VER 1.06 ROM IC Fixes These Bugs
1) In either "Dump One Way" and "Dump Hand Shake" of Data Transfer mode, no Tone except for "I‑01" may be output
2) In Handshake mode of Exclusive, even if an EOD (End of Exclusive) message is received, D‑110 won't send an ACK (Acknowledge) message
3) In MIDI Exclusive, each part parameters stored in Patch memory area cannot be read/written properly
4) In Exclusive,when "Rhythm Setup"is executed, data cannot be read/written from/to the location of key numbers over 88(E6)
5) In "Dump One way" or "Dump Hand Shake" of Data transfer mode, the last 64 bytes data 1 stored in Patch memory area are not output
6) Sum check correspond to a WSD (Want to send data) does not execute
7) In "Save to Card" ("Rhythm Setup" or "All"), of Data Transfer mode, the data for key numbers over 88(E6) cannot be saved onto a memory card
8) In "Dump Hand Shake", if D‑110 is not connected to any MIDI device, D‑110's display shows "Exclusive buffer overflow"
9) When "Overflow Assign" function is on, if "Dump Hand Shake" is executed, "Request Data" is output to MIDI OUT forcefully
10) In "Dump Hand Shake" of Data Transfer mode, if D‑110 is not connected to any MIDI device, D‑110 will be locked up
11) In "Dump Hand Shake" of Data Transfer mode, if an RJC (Rejection) message is received, D‑110 might be locked up
12) When "Overflow Assign" function is on, if "Dump Hand Shake" in Data Transfer mode is executed, D-110 might be locked up
13) When parameters are changed using MIDI exclusive, the display will show "*" marks with Pitch, Timbre and Tone numbers

VER 1.07 ROM IC Fixes These Bugs
1) When Structures 10/11/12/13 using Ring Modulator are selected, the volume controls (Output Level, Volume and Expression) do not work
2) When Structures 10/11/12/13 using Ring Modulator are selected; if one of the partials is muted, unexpected sound might be output
3) In "Dump One Way" of Data Transfer mode, the interval between Exclusive messages is only 5 ms (They should be at least 20 ms.). As a result, when D‑110's data is transfered to MC‑500 (Roland sequencer) and then sent back to the D‑110 again, the data cannot be received properly by the D‑110
4) When receiving Exclusive messages which do not includes any data except for "F0" and "F7", D‑110 may be locked up
5) Ver.1.07 matches 1M‑type Mask ROM
6) In "Dump Hand Shake" of Data Transfer mode, the number of WSD‑EOD (Want to send data - End of data) routine is reduced to only one time (Up to Ver.1.06: MRB‑500 (Bulk Librarian) could not recognize D‑110's data as one file because of plural WSD‑EOD routines
7) An Error Message in the display remains keeping until a panel switch is pressed
8) When D‑110 changes MIDI channel while the D‑110 is outputting sound, the D‑110 will output "Note Off" message

VER 1.08 ROM IC Fixes These Bugs
1) With "Save To Card, All" in data transfer mode, when Timbre data is saved into a card, the Timbre data I-A11 TO I-A23 Cannot be saved correctly

VER 1.09 ROM IC Fixes These Bugs
1) In response to "Data Request", the D-110 may transmit the data in excess of requested
2) When addresses that have not been defined are requested, the D-110 may transmit some meaningless data from the address

VER 1.10 ROM IC Fixes These Bugs
1) When a D-110 receives "RQD message and the "Device ID" is not identified, the D-110 transmits "EOD" message only
2) The plural MIDI channel part could not be changed at a time by using MIDI exclusive only once
3) The "RPC" number for bender range setting should be "0" but it has "2" in fact (Note: "RPC" = Registered Parameter Control
4) When "Key Shift" is changed during sounding, the D-110 stops sounding automatically. With previous versions, if so, the D-110 could not stop sounding

VER 1.11 ROM IC Fixes These Bugs
1) When received MIDI volume message (Control Change 7) with extremely short interval (i.e. less than a few ms.), D-110 cannot respond to the rapid volume change. This problem happens when MIDI volume message was sent by FC-100MKII or S-50
2) When setting the whole data for 8 parts to Timbre temp area in one setting, the data for Timbre temp area will be able to be re-written. But Timbre and bender range for part 2 to part 8 will not be changed actually
3) MIDI indicator will not turn on by receiving Hold-On message
4) When playing a large number of tones using a structure 10 to 13, D-110 will hang up rarely
5) To be changed the part priority from "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,R" to "R,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8"
6) Improvement to be possible to execute "Dump One Way" during overflow assign mode

VER 1.12 ROM IC Fixes These Bugs
1) In combination use of D-110 and Yamaha QX-5FD, when you pressed the stop button of QX-5FD during the sequence playing, D-110 will be still sounding in some notes. But such a problem seldom occurs. This problem will occur when a 3 bytes type MIDI message is sent. To be concrete, when "FC (Stop)" message broken between the second byte and the third byte of a "Note On Event". this note will not turn off by the above "FC" message, so this problem depends on the timing pressing the "Stop" button on the QX-5FD. Note: This problem never happens with Roland sequencers because Roland sequencers will send "All Note Off" message to prevent this kind of problem

VER 1.13 ROM IC Fixes These Bugs *Final ROM IC Version
1) In Overflow Assign mode, when D-110 receives "Note Off" message (8X KK VV), it sends out Note On message (9X KK VV). For example: In Overflow Assign mode, two D-110's are connected with QX-3 (Controlling unit). Overflow Assign Switch = ON. When QX-3 sends out Note Off message to D-110(A), D-110(B) is received Note On message and sounds out


D-110 Service Information Bulletin

Firmware v1.08 through v1.13

File Format:
PDF Document (Three Pages)
SN-U110 Sound Charts

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