Original Roland Part# [Quantity] / Operating Force (gf/N) / Modern Day Replacement Part# (Version 20240421)

MODERN DAY REPLACEMENT PART# (GRAM FORCE)                                        
13169633 / SKHHAD039A  [4]
13129704 / SKHCAB131A  [30]
160gf / 1.57N
130gf / 1.27N
Replacement DIY here
(See below for HS-80
13169633 / SKHHAD039A  [4]
13129704 / SKHCAB131A  [31]
160gf / 1.57N
130gf / 1.27N
Replacement DIY here
D-5 13169697 / SKHVBD [38] 100gf / 0.98N Replacement DIY here
D-10 / D-20 13169684 / SOA-123HS  [39] 100gf / 0.98N Replacement DIY here
D-50 13169633 / SKHHAD039A  [54] 160gf / 1.57N ALPS: SKHHAMA010 (160gf) or SKHHARA010 (260gf)
D-70 13169633 / SKHHAD039A  [57] 160gf / 1.57N ALPS: SKHHAMA010 (160gf) or SKHHARA010 (260gf)
D-110 13129740 / EVQQVT  [16] [unknown] Replacement DIY here
D-550 13129733 / SKHHBS  [36] 260gf / 2.55N ALPS: SKHHBSA010 (260gf)
13129753RI / EVQQVT  [38]
1312975301 / EVQQSB  [38]
160gf / 1.57N ALPS: SKHHAMA010 (160gf) or SKHHARA010 (260gf)
GM-70 [unknown]  [24] [unknown] [unknown]
GR-1 13129772 / SKQEAA  [6]
13169687 / SKHHBW [22]
160gf / 1.57N
160gf / 1.57N
ALPS: SKQEAAA010 (160gf)
ALPS: SKHHBWA010 (160gf) or SKHHBYA010 (260gf)
HS-80 / SYNTHPLUS 80 13169633 / SKHHAD039A  [32] 160gf / 1.57N Replacement DIY here
JUNO-106 13169633 / SKHHAD039A  [53] 160gf / 1.57N ALPS: SKHHAMA010 (160gf) or SKHHARA010 (260gf)
13169697 / SKHVBD
JV-80 [56] / JV-90 [44]
100gf / 0.98N PANASONIC: EVQ21305R (100gf), EVQ21405R (130gf) or EVQ22705R (260gf)(1)
OMRON: B3F-6020 (100gf), OMRON: B3F-6022 (150gf)
JV-880 13169697(2) / SOR-123HS [12] 100gf / 0.98N PANASONIC: EVQ21305R (100gf), EVQ21405R (130gf) or EVQ22705R (260gf)(1)
OMRON: B3F-6020 (100gf), OMRON: B3F-6022 (150gf)
13169752 / EVQ21305R
JV-1080 [33] / JV-2080 [38]
100gf / 0.98N PANASONIC: EVQ21305R (100gf), EVQ21405R (130gf) or EVQ22705R (260gf)(1)
OMRON: B3F-6020 (100gf), OMRON: B3F-6022 (150gf)
JX-8P 13129715 / KHC-10901  [51] 130gf / 1.27N [unknown]
JX-10 13129704 / SKHCAB131A  [53] 130gf / 1.27N Replacement DIY here
MKS-10 13159137 / SPQ009G  [14] [unknown] [unknown]
MKS-20 13129362 / SKELAK  [17] [unknown] [unknown]
MKS-30 13129351 / SPQ009G  [16] [unknown] [unknown]
MKS-50 13159154 / SKHHBS  [18] 260gf / 2.55N Replacement DIY here
MKS-70 13159154 / SKHHBS  [30] 260gf / 2.55N Replacement DIY here
MKS-80 13129351 / SPQ009G  [28] [unknown] [unknown]
MKS-100 13129733 / SKHHBS  [27] 260gf / 2.55N ALPS: SKHHBSA010 (260gf)
RC-100 13169633 / SKHHAD039A  [34] 160gf / 1.57N ALPS: SKHHAMA010 (160gf) or SKHHARA010 (260gf)
S-10 13169633 / SKHHAD039A  [28] 160gf / 1.57N ALPS: SKHHAMA010 (160gf) or SKHHARA010 (260gf)
S-50 13169633 / SKHHAD039A  [34] 160gf / 1.57N Replacement DIY here
S-220 13129733 / SKHHBS  [30] 260gf / 2.55N ALPS: SKHHBSA010 (260gf)
S-330 13129737 / SKHHAR  [12] 260gf / 2.55N ALPS: SKHHARA010 (260gf)
S-550 13129733 / SKHHBS  [14]
13129737 / SKHHAR  [13]
13169633 / SKHHAD039A  [1](3)
260gf / 2.55N
260gf / 2.55N
160gf / 1.57N
Replacement Notes here
S-750 13169633 / SKHHAD039A  [21](4) 160gf / 1.57N Replacement Notes here
S-760 00126956‍ / EVQ21405  [13] 130gf / 1.27N Replacement DIY here
S-770 13169633 / SKHHAD039A  [21](4) 160gf / 1.57N Replacement Notes here
U-110 13169684 / SOA-123HS  [6] 100gf / 0.98N ALPS: SKHHAKA010 (100gf), SKHHAMA010 (160gf) or SKHHARA010 (260gf)
U-20 13169697 / SKHVBD  [38] 100gf / 0.98N PANASONIC: EVQ21305R (100gf), EVQ21505R (160gf), or EVQ22705R (260gf)(1)
OMRON: B3F-6020 (100gf), OMRON: B3F-6022 (150gf)
U-220 13169684 / SOA-123HS  [12]
100gf / 0.98N ALPS: SKHHAKA010 (100gf), SKHHAMA010 (160gf) or SKHHARA010 (260gf)
W-30 13169633 / SKHHAD039A  [29] 160gf / 1.57N Replacement DIY here
XP-50 13169752 / EVQ21305R [50] 100gf / 0.98N PANASONIC: EVQ21305R (100gf), EVQ21405R (130gf) or EVQ22705R (260gf)(1)
OMRON: B3F-6020 (100gf), OMRON: B3F-6022 (150gf)

(1) Mouser and other suppliers are starting to phase out this original ALPS replacement switch but a few places still sell these P/N's. ALPS: SKHVBD (100gf), SKHVBE (160gf) or SKHVBF (260gf). I have used the high quality PANASONIC modern day replacements on the U‑20 and JV‑880 with excellent results. However, these also have been scheduled for obsolescence and will be discontinued by the manufacturer very soon so... get 'em while they're hot!. If you can't find any Panasonic tact switch replacements, the B3F-6020 & B3F-6022 are good alternatives
(2) The Roland P/N in the JV‑880 Service Manual is a typo listed as P/N: 13169684 and should be P/N: 13169697. The incorrect P/N has four leads and will not physically fit into the PCB. The Mitsumi P/N: SOR-123HS and PANASONIC replacement P/N's are correct
(3) This solitary RESET button for the S-550 is located inside the case on the Main PCB and is only used for testing and/or servicing. It rarely needs to be replaced because of non‑use
(4) I have found several typos in the Roland Service Manuals. Corrections have been made whenever possible but there is still a chance some errors exist on this list. All entries with "Replacement DIY here" are accurate because I have replaced these tact switches myself and have verified the replacement P/N's. The S‑750 and S‑770  "Replacement Notes" are speculative

? SPINNER Things To Note
  • Most of the factory installed tact switches have a "soft‑touch" Operating Force of 100gf or 160gf. I like to feel that solid 'Click!' whenever I make a selection. The reason I have so many alternate replacements listed is because I prefer a harder press Operating Force of 260gf

  • I highly recommend as a source for purchasing new tact switch replacements. Mouser offers large discounts for quantities of 10+ and 100+ and their prices are extremely low compared to the vultures selling full sets on eBay and elsewhere. When ordering, always get a few extra tact switches because... shit happens! In the past, I have received a few which were missing one or more PCB pins due to a quality control issue or damage due to a shipping mishap

  • For unknown reasons, tact switch manufacturer ALPS has recently tripled their prices on some products. Most of the "Replacement DIY" links will show alternate part numbers from tact switch manufacturer OMRON

  • With the exception of a few synth and sampler models, Roland used ALPS brand tact switches exclusively on models manufactured from the mid-1980's through the late 1990's. Along with ALPS, the OMRON and PANASONIC brands are also high quality replacements

  • While searching for modern replacements, I discovered that OMRON has a series of High-Reliability Gold-Plated tact switches. If you are totally obsessed with your synths and samplers, these are for you. The OMRON B3F-1000-G, B3F-3000-G & B3F-5001 series are gold plated, resistive to corrosive gas and priced at $3 per switch!!!

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