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FACTORY PRESETS (SysEx Bulk Dump File *.SYX)

If your U-20 was initialized or had the battery replaced, all of the internal sounds will disappear, garbage characters will appear on the LCD display and the synthesizer will no will no longer produce sounds. This *.SYX file is needed to restore the U-20 back to it's original state of "Factory Fresh". Loading instructions are included in the *.ZIP file
Download File:  U-20_Factory_Presets.zip
Programmer:     Roland
Description:    U-20 Original Factory Presets (64 Patches / 128 Tones)

I-11 Acoust Piano  I-21 A.Guitar      I-31 Strings       I-41 Slap Bass     I-51 Soft Trumpet  I-61 Fantasia      I-71 Endymion      I-81 Native Dance
I-12 Chorus Piano  I-22 E.Guitar      I-32 Syn.Strings   I-42 FlangingSlap  I-52 Trombone      I-62 Calliope      I-72 Prelusion     I-82 Percs Hit
I-13 E.Piano       I-23 Heavy Guitar  I-33 JP8.Strings   I-43 FingeredBass  I-53 BrassSection  I-63 Soundtrack    I-73 Jupiters      I-83 Velo Combi
I-14 Bright EP     I-24 E.Organ 1     I-34 Choir         I-44 FretlessBass  I-54 Saxophone     I-64 Atmosphere    I-74 Selene        I-84 Split Combi
I-15 Vibraphone    I-25 E.Organ 3     I-35 Syn.Vox 1     I-45 Acoust Bass   I-55 JP8.Brass     I-65 Future Pad    I-75 Sacred Tree   I-85 Rotor Craft
I-16 Marimba       I-26 E.Organ 7     I-36 Syn.Vox 2     I-46 Synth Bass 5  I-56 Power Brass   I-66 Pomona        I-76 Macho Lead    I-86 Emergency
I-17 Bell          I-27 E.Organ 9     I-37 Syn.Choir 1   I-47 Synth Bass 6  I-57 Flute         I-67 Melodigan     I-77 Lunar Lead    I-87 Deepsea
I-18 Fanta Bell    I-28 Mad Organ     I-38 Syn.Choir 2   I-48 Synth Bass 7  I-58 Shakuhachi    I-68 Photogene     I-78 HarmonicLead  I-88 Catastrophe
a) Duplicate files on the Internet; ALL.SYX / u20.SYX / U20-PRES.TAR / U20_ORIG.MID
b) Complete descriptions of the 128 Factory Preset Timbres
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SysEx Bulk Dump File [ *.SYX ]
This 64 Patch set was sourced from a Roland Corporate website sometime around 2008. Loading instructions are included in the *.ZIP file
Download File:  U-20_Alternate_Bank-A.zip
Programmer:     Roland
Description:    U-20 Alternate Bank A (64 Patches / 128 Tones)

I-11 StandardSet   I-21 #2LogDrum     I-31 V-mxChior     I-41 V-Pno&Strngs  I-51 X-swBrassio   I-61 V-swStrings   I-71 V-mxPlukHarp  I-81 V-mxVox&EPno
I-12 RockDrumSet   I-22 #2SteelDrum   I-32 FluteChimes   I-42 Bellraphone   I-52 Pianasy       I-62 Cliche'LA     I-72 VibroPiano    I-82 FantaBellPad
I-13 ElecDrumSet   I-23 #2Barimbau    I-33 Synthtrack    I-43 ChurchChior   I-53 StrgChoirPad  I-63 SlowStrVox    I-73 EPiano&Strng  I-83 AnalogString
I-14 F.X.DrumSet   I-24 #2VeloCuica   I-34 StackedLead   I-44 MonsterStrng  I-54 MonsterOrch   I-64 MonsterBrass  I-74 MonsterChoir  I-84 Brassy5ths  
I-15 #2LatinSet    I-25 #2AgogoBell   I-35 SoloAcouPno   I-45 SoloHeavyGtr  I-55 SoloStrings   I-65 SoloOrgan     I-75 Solo70'sSyn   I-85 Solo12String
I-16 #2F.X.Set     I-26 #2Vibroslap   I-36 SoloDualSax   I-46 SoloTrumpet   I-56 SoloFlute     I-66 SoloDtuneSax  I-76 SoloJupiter   I-86 SoloCalliope
I-17 #2AmbiaJr     I-27 #2BellTree    I-37 Fretles/Vibe  I-47 SynBass/Strg  I-57 FingBass/Gtr  I-67 Thump/Crunch  I-77 BIGbas/Metal  I-87 FunkBas/Bras
I-18 #2Eerie       I-28 #2Triangle    I-38 JazzOrg/Bass  I-48 EP&Vox/Bass   I-58 Brass/Bass    I-68 Piano/A.Bass  I-78 SplitV-mOrch  I-88 MultiPatch 

a) Duplicate files on the Internet; U20ALT.MID
b) Some Patches in this set require the PCM Card SN-U110-02 Latin and FX Percussion before they will work (Denoted by a "#2" in the name field)
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SysEx Bulk Dump File [ *.SYX ]
This 64 Patch set was sourced from a visitor to this U-20 page. Thanks Ricardo!
Download File:  U-20_Alternate_Bank-B.zip
Programmer:     Unknown
Description:    U-20 Alternate Bank B (64 Patches / 128 Tones)

I-11 Grand Piano   I-21 Bell Pad      I-31 E.Org 16 8 4  I-41 A.Guitar      I-51 Cathedral     I-61 Violin SMPL*  I-71 Mantovani 4'  I-81 Soft Trumpet
I-12 Old Piano     I-22 VibraTone     I-32 E.Org7 Perc5  I-42 Copper Plate  I-52 Church Reeds  I-62 Cello SMPL    I-72 JP8.Strings   I-82 Trombones   
I-13 Chorus Piano  I-23 Vibronic Pad  I-33 Eorg9 Leslie  I-43 EGuitar plik  I-53 Choir         I-63 Cello SMPL    I-73 Syn.Strings   I-83 Saxophone   
I-14 Punaise       I-24 Vibraphone    I-34 E.Org5 8'4'   I-44 EGuitar plik  I-54 PO Diap 8 4   I-64 SwoopyVoice   I-74 Mild Strings  I-84 Copper Plate
I-15 E.Piano DX    I-25 Fantasia      I-35 Eorg3 Leslie  I-45 Saxophone     I-55 PO Recit 8 4  I-65 Syn.Solo      I-75 Violin SMPL*  I-85 French Horn 
I-16 Bright EP     I-26 Fanta Bell    I-36 Brassy        I-46 Heavy Guitar  I-56 PO Solid1684  I-66 Syn.Vox 2     I-76 Brassy        I-86 BrassSection
I-17 Punaise Str   I-27 Wooden Bell   I-37 Jupiters      I-47 Macho Lead    I-57 Choir         I-67 Syn.Vox 2     I-77 BrassChorus   I-87 JP8.Brass   
I-18 PhazeClavier  I-28 Marimba       I-38 Mad Organ     I-48 Harmonic      I-58 CoupledPipes  I-68 Syn.Choir 1   I-78 Brass Choir   I-88 Power Brass 

a) Duplicate files on the Internet; Internal Full.syx
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SysEx Files [ *.SYX ]
A very impressive set of Patches, especially considering they are free. I wish I had the complete set! These are from a company in the mid-1990's, now long gone.
These are individual patches and not a Bulk Dump set. The included description file can explain these better than I can.
Download File:  U-20_Demo_Patches.zip
Description:    U-20 Demo Patches (A set of high quality, commercial-grade Patches. Very Nice!)

These sounds have been designed for optimum use both on stage and in the studio. You'll find bright, percussive pianos, realistic brass, analog and
digital synth emulations, electric and acoustic guitars, ethereal film scoring sound effects and much more. Also included (in the commercial bank)
are keyboard splits for maximum versatility in the most demanding situations
Attack Synth - Angels - Sound Track #1 - Voice Rhodes - Night Lights - String City - Miles Rhodes

This wide-ranging bank features Patches applicable to a variety of musical applications. Everything from enhanced "meat & potato" sonic staples, to
imaginative synth layers
Judgement Day - 12 String Guitar - TotoBrass - ObxA Horns - PPG - Ghosts - Ice - Ocean

a) I accidentally discovered these on my hard drive about a month ago. I don't remember the source or what year I downloaded them
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FACTORY PRESETS (SysEx Bulk Dump File *.SYX)

For any U-220 stragglers if needed... to get your rackmount module back to a state of "Factory Fresh"
Download File:  U220Factory.zip
Programmer:     Roland
Description:    U-220 Factory Presets

a) Duplicate files on the Internet; U220ORIG.MID
b) Complete lists of the Factory Preset Tones (128), Drum Map & Factory Preset Patches (64)
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FACTORY PRESETS (SysEx Bulk Dump File *.SYX)

Unlike the U-20 and U-220, the U-110 has all of its factory preset Patches hard-coded onto a ROM IC. Whenever you do a three finger salute to reset the U-110, 64 Patches are automatically reloaded into memory and it places the U-110 back to a state of "Factory Fresh". For normal everyday use of the U-110, this SysEx file is not really needed. It is included for anyone who is interested in using it with a U-110 Patch editor for other for coding purposes
Download File:  U110Factory.zip
Programmer:     Roland
Description:    U-110 Factory Presets

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