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SUPER JX ZONE   Version 3.0x + 4.0x EPROM Updates   -   Something very new... JX‑10 / MKS‑70 SysEx updates and enhancements

SUPER JX ZONE   Super JX Mods   -   Guy Wilkinson's incredible website with clever and productive DIY's

SUPER JX ZONE   JX-10 MIDI And C-16C Mods   -   Interesting and useful modifications plus JX‑10 MIDI SysEx code

SUPER JX ZONE   JX-10 SysEx EPROM Code   -   Advanced ROM IC modified code reference material

SUPER JX ZONE   JX-10 And MKS-70 Replacement Parts   -   Button Sets, Keys, Volume Sliders, Power Cords, Benders and more at

SUPER JX ZONE   Replacement Coils "Call To Action"   -   Hats off to the person who started this campaign!

SUPER JX ZONE   Replacement Coils For Display Problems   -   Interesting discussion about the unrepairable coils

SUPER JX ZONE   JX-10 Aftertouch Repair   -   Over time, oxidation builds up and keys become less responsive. Also works for JX‑8P and Alpha Juno‑2 synths

SUPER JX ZONE   Super JX Patches For Sale   -   Sounds for your JX‑10 or MKS‑70. 64 Patches and 50 Tones of finely crafted and original sound banks

SUPER JX ZONE   SynthZone   -   Huge site for synth patches, software & support

SUPER JX ZONE   Synthesizing Pulse Width Modulation On The JX-10   -   Better sounding than the much more expensive Jupiter 6?

SUPER JX ZONE   Sound On Sound (Super JX Synthesis - Part I)   -  Oscillator Synchronization

SUPER JX ZONE   Sound On Sound (Super JX Synthesis - Part II)   -   Dynamics and Modulation

SUPER JX ZONE   Sound On Sound (Super JX Synthesis - Part III)   -   Filters, Amplifiers, Envelopes and Layering

SUPER JX ZONE   -   The highest quality FREE Service Manuals in PDF on the Internet. Gigantic collection for many synthesizers

SUPER JX ZONE   -   70+ Manufacturers for synthesizers and devices. Almost every FREE Owner's Manual on the Internet is here

SUPER JX ZONE   Internal Battery And Reset Resource   -   Images and instructions for several synths and effects devices

MKS-50 ZONE   Jim Atwood in Japan   -   Always interesting info about Roland gear mods, repairs, tips & tricks

SUPER JX ZONE   Making Music Off-The-Grid   -   Advantages and disadvantages of an Off‑The‑Grid Home Recording Studio

SUPER JX ZONE   Deutsch MKS-70 Bedienungsanleitung   -   Ein Werbegeschenk für alle Sie Deutschsprachigen Synthesizer Süchtige

SUPER JX ZONE   MKS-70 Français Mode d'emploi   -   Un cadeau pour vous tous les parlants français toxicomanes du synthétiseur

U-20 ZONE   Synths and Keyboards   -   A useful and informative site with info about repairing and maintaining vintage Roland gear

D-110 ZONE   Tagboard Effects - Guitar FX Layouts   -   Nothing Super JX related but too freakin' cool to pass up if you are handy with a soldering iron. I'm hooked on building these and saving HUGE amounts of cash. Nearly 1000 projects and growing every year, this site has quality DIY guitar effects pedal schematics and plans... you build everything from scratch. I buy all my raw materials from online electronic parts dealers like and

SUPER JX ZONE   Other Websites I Maintain   -   MKS‑50, Alpha Juno‑1, Alpha Juno‑2, S‑550, S‑50, S‑330, W‑30, U‑20, U‑110, U‑220, GR‑1, D‑110, HS‑10, HS‑80, FB‑01