July 2023

     Vecoven v4.xx PWM Patch & Tone Reader ‑ v1.0 - Utility to display Super JX Vecoven 4.xx PWM Bulk Dump files

May 2023

     JX-10 Replacement Aftertouch Sensor - A cool new gadget from Plasma Music Unlimited

October 2021

     "Ghost In The Machine" - Two articles from Electronic Musician Magazine with test routines for synths and samplers

July 2018

     Awesome Power Supply Replacement DIY - An incredible upgrade for your JX‑10 or MKS‑70 ! ! ! ! ! ! !

October 2017

     MKS‑70 And JX‑10 Cartridge Assembly PCB's - Images and info about these hard‑to‑find PCB's

     SuperJX superjxsyxtool - FREE utility for manipulating Super JX SysEx dumps

September 2017

     Serial Number Decoding Chart - Find the date your Super JX rolled off the assembly line and the actual Production Number

April 2017

     Exciting News!!! The New SuperJX-flash Board Is Available!!! - Added info, images and ordering link

March 2017

     Power Supply Unit Repair Info - Added info and images for troubleshooting and replacing the Power Transistors
     MKS-70 Power Switch Replacements - Part Numbers, Pics, Repair Tips and Vendor Info

January 2017

     Added A Webpage Dedicated To ROM Upgrades - The INFO webpage was getting too crowded
     Added A ROM Button Link On Every Page - Adds direct access to ROM info
     Removed The HOME Button Link From All Pages - Clicking on the Super JX Logo will return you to the HOMEPAGE

October 2016

     Spare Parts Cross Reference Chart - The SEARCH is on!

September 2016

     Behringer BCR2000 Patch Editor - Ultra cool editor for the Super JX with a Vecoven 4.x PWM Upgrade
     Troubleshooting - Power issues and info for recapping a Super JX Power Supply Board
     EPROM's - Factory EPROM binary files for the DIY crowd +plus+ new ROM "B" & "C" Module Board info

August 2016

     JX-10 Slider Pot Replacement FAQ - Dimensions, templates, case markings and replacement tips
     JX-10 Button Cushion Replacement Info And Templates - One word... Neoprene!

July 2016

     SysEx File Verification Utility v1.(1b) - Great utility for synth/sampler SysEx file matching

March 2016

     Power Switch Replacements For JX-10 - Comparisons, Recommendations, Part Numbers and Specs
     EV-5 Polarity Switch DIY - Schematic for modifying an EV-5 to work with non-Roland gear
     Symphony 128/S64 Cartridge - Additional images and info

February 2016

     Super JX Mods - Guy Wilkinson's incredible website with clever and productive DIY's

January 2016

     SuperJX OSv4 SYSEX-DUMP Compendium - Spreadsheet w/extensive details about the Vecoven 4.0x BULK DUMP

December 2015

     Tact Switch Replacements For JX-10 And MKS-70 - Comparisons, Recommendations, Part Numbers and Specs

October 2015

     Noritake VFD Display Retrofit - Cool new stuff from the laboratory of Guy Wilkinson with video and a sneek peek
     Cartridge Port Ribbon Cable DIY - A clever DIY kit to solve problems with a bent cartridge port ribbon cable
     JX-10 And MKS-70 Differences - Control Inputs/Outputs
     The New M-1024C Cartridge Is Here! - 16 x 16 M-64C Banks stored on a single cartridge. Pure madness :^)

     JX-10 Control Jack Templates - Allows easy access to Audio Ports and Control Jacks on the back of the synth

July 2015

     JX-8P Tone to JX-10 and MKS-70 Tone Converter via SysEx Files - Linux utility (Untested... someone lemme know if it works!)

January 2015

     More R.U.G. Patch Sheets - Gigantic collection scanned from 80's and 90's Roland Users Group Magazines
     "Programming The Roland JX-8P & JX-10" by Eric Persing - High resolution scans from Keyboard Magazine / OCT 1986
     "MKS-70 Review" by Craig Anderton - High resolution scans from Electronic Musician Magazine / NOV 1987
     Super JX Patch And Tone Chart + Patch Map - Double-sided laminated card included with every new JX-10 and MKS-70
     Service Information Sheets For Roland Engineers - Reports and instructions on how to fix JX-10 and MKS-70 bugs
     Super JX Reader v1.0d - Utility to display JX-10 and MKS-70 Patch and Tone lists

     Loading Individual JX-8P Tones Into A JX-10 Or MKS-70 - A step-by-step procedure
     EV-5 Expression Pedal - A link to the PDF Owner's Manual
     MKS-70 Split Keyboard Issues - Fixing errors via MIDI settings and Patch parameter changes
     ROM IC v3.0x Update - Links and new features detailing Fred Vecoven's Super JX Project

     New JX-10 and MKS-70 Facebook Group - Icons And Link Added
     "Synthesizing Pulse Width Modulation On The JX-10" - Better sounding than the much more expensive Jupiter 6?
     "Aftertouch Repair DIY For JX-10, JX-8P and Alpha Juno-2 Keyboards" - Over time, oxidation builds up and keys become less responsive

     New JX-10 and MKS-70 Facebook Group - Icons And Link Added
     New Domain! - My old ISP no longer supports personal homepages. Hello

December 2014

PATCHES - SysEx files for Mac and PC - 278 Tones - SysEx files for Mac and PC -  64 Tones

     MKS-70 SysEx Primer / Part II - The second installment in a series about deciphering SysEx on the MKS-70
     MKS-70 SysEx Primer / Part III - The third installment in a series about deciphering SysEx on the MKS-70
     JX-10 And MKS-70 R.U.G. Patch Sheets - Featured Patches scanned from 80's and 90's Roland Users Group Magazines
     CTRLR: MKS-70 Patch Editor (Standalone/VST/AU) - PG-800 style Patch editor for Mac, Windows and Linux

     Noise, Buzzing And 60 Cycle Hum Fix - An easy fix to eliminate noise problems with the JX-10 and MKS-70

LINKS - 70+ Manufacturers for synths and devices. Almost every FREE Owner's Manual on the Internet is here
     Internal Battery And Reset Resource - Images and instructions for several synths and effects devices
     Making Music Off-The-Grid - Advantages and disadvantages of an Off-The-Grid Home Recording Studio
     Sound On Sound Super JX Synthesis 3-Part Series - Oscillator Synchronization, Dynamics, Modulation, Layering and more

November 2014

PATCHES - SysEx files for Mac and PC - 644 Patches and 536 Tones - SysEx files for Mac and PC - 320 Patches and 250 Tones - SysEx files for Mac and PC - 448 Patches and 350 Tones - SysEx files for Mac and PC -  64 Patches and  50 Tones
     File Notes Added To Patch/Tone Collections A, B And C

     MKS-70 Reference Cards - "An Illustrated Guide With Useful Editing Tips And Tricks"
     MKS-70 SysEx Primer / Part I - The first installment in a series about deciphering SysEx on the MKS-70
     Internal Battery Replacement DIY - A detailed step-by-step guide
     PC-JX8P v3.3 - Freeware PG-800 Programmer emulator for MKS-70 and JX-8P
     Freeware And Shareware SysEx Loaders For Mac And PC - Snoize and Bome
     M-64C and M-16C Schematics And Instruction Sheet
     JX-10_Parameters.pdf - A temporary Patch Parameter document until new "JX-10 Reference Cards" are ready
     M-64C_M-16C_Owners_Manual.pdf - Consolidated all M-64C/M-16C documents and schematics into one file

     v1.06 ROM Upgrades - Notes re: v1.03 and v1.06
     Super JX Test Modes Page - Removed
     VR-101 Cartridge Image And Text
     VR-101, VR-102, VR-103 ROM Cartridges - Text file listing of all the VR Series Patches/Tones
     Revised "Super JX Editing Shortcuts"
     Kiwitechnics PE - High-tech replacement for the PG-800 Programmer

     German And French MKS-70 Owner's Manuals
     EPROM v3.0x Upgrade
     Replacement Parts
     Display Coils
     Service Manuals

     New Updates Archive Link
     New Splash Images

October 2014

You may have noticed some recent activity on this website. Over the past decades, I have let updates to this page lapse......

In 2009, I put all of my music gear into a climate controlled self-storage unit while I moved to a different state. One weekend at 3AM, a drunk driver went 200 yards off the main road and crashed into the back of my self-storage unit. The car was going over 100 MPH, went airborne, landed upside down and caught fire... on top of all my music gear... a one in a million chance

Synthesizers, samplers, mixing consoles, rack effects, guitars, speakers, and music specific computers were crushed, split in two, set afire, mangled or a combination of all four!!! Over time, I have slowly put my music studio back together again. The deceased driver had no car insurance and my insurance company would only pay pennies on the dollar for "old and antiquated" synth gear ($65 to replace a Roland S-50 in mint condition? Give me a break! I bought it new for $2,300. Freakin' insurance companies... What a scam)

I am currently in the process of updating everything on this website, including a somewhat new look..... removing outdated files and adding new ones (more patches, utilities, reference charts and info). As time flies by, stay tuned for better organization and future goodies

Super JX... still one of the greatest synths ever, in my opinion
In fact... I think mine has Magical Super-Powers... it was the only synthesizer untouched in the crash (heavy sigh of relief!)


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