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September 2022

     Sample Disk Image Reader Utility Ver.1.5 Released ‑ Added support for Director-S System Disks (SYS‑503, SYS‑333 and SYS‑553)

July 2022

     DA-400 4-Channel D/A Converter - Info about the rare and hard to find external Digital/Audio expansion box for the S-760

     S-330 Freezing, Locking Up & Strange Behavior - A fix for this common problem with S‑330's

February 2022

     Disk Formats Shared Between The Various Samplers - A useful chart to see sampler disk cross‑compatibility

January 2022

     Andreas Sandberg Collection #2 - This 225+ collection adds another large set of S-330 Sound Disks to the sample archives

December 2021

     W‑30 LCD Replacement DIY (Update) - There Are Two Options Now
          Option #1 (Easy Method) Re-uses the original Hirose cable assembly
          Option #2 ("Patience Of A Watchmaker" Method) Uses a new Hirose connector assembly

     S-760 Reviews - Added some more magazine articles from 1994 about the S-760

November 2021

     SP-700 Support - Added some preliminary support including an LCD replacement DIY

     Troubleshooting Video Output Problems - Descriptions for video circuit problems on the S-550, S-330, S-750, S-760 & S-770

October 2021

     Strange FX W‑30 Sound Disk Collection - 18 disks featuring Ring Mods, Percussion, Sci-Fi FX, Glitches & Other Strange Sounds
     Mellotron W‑30 Sound Disk Collection - 4 disks featuring samples from a vintage Mellotron M400S (1973)
     Tangerine Dream Mellotron Sound FX W‑30 Sound Disk Collection - 2 disks with rare samples found in a Mellotron warehouse

September 2021

     CD-5 External SCSI CD-ROM - Tech Info, Reference Photos & A Look Under The Hood At This Rare Device

August 2021

     Alternate L-CD1 CD-ROM Listing - A Recently Found PDF Showing All 165 Samples Arranged By Instrument Groups

July 2021

     W-30 Full Spread Magazine Ad - 300DPI Scan from Keyboard Magazine June 1989

April 2021

     Streetwise 104 Disk Collection - Large private collection of S‑50 & W‑30 samples courtesy of musician Steve Titchiner

March 2021

  • * * * SPECIAL UPDATE * * *  Due to recent shortages of STM Cortex M‑3 IC's which are used in the manufacture of GOTEK's, some models sold on or after April 2021 may contain the newer AT Cortex M‑4 IC. This newer IC version might not work with the instructions shown on the GOTEK FlashFloppy Firmware & GOTEK Factory Firmware webpages. Check with your vendor to ensure your GOTEK contains the STM Cortex M‑3 IC

February 2021

     S‑750, S‑760, S‑770 & DJ‑70 Sample Disk Image Reader Utility Ver.1.0 ‑ Volume, Performance, Patch, Partial & Sample Name Utility

January 2021

     RSB‑50x, RSB‑55xx, & L‑Series Listings ‑ Added Detailed Patch & Tone Listings For All Roland Sample Libraries (As Many As I Could Find)

October 2020

L-701 Through L-711 Series Disks ‑ The 55 Disk Set For S‑700, S‑750, S‑760, S‑770 & DJ‑70 Samplers (However... Missing 2 Disks)

September 2020

Mac OS/X + Roland Sampler 3.5" Floppy Disk Support ‑ Creating & Archiving 3.5" Floppy Disks

August 2020

WAVE2W30 & WAVE2DJ70 WAV/AIFF/AIF Conversion Utilities ‑ Two amazing & FREE utilities for the W‑30 & DJ‑70
    1200+ Drum Machine Samples ‑ Added weblinks to very large collections of miscellaneous drum machine samples (In *.WAV Format)

SCSI CD‑ROM Compatibility Matrix
    New CD‑ROM's Tested & Verified ‑ Added four new external SCSI CD‑ROM's models that work with the S‑760

June 2020

    SCSI2SD Device Update ‑ Added some miscellaneous troubleshooting ideas Re: power issues with the S‑760 internal SCSI cable

    S‑760 Encoder Replacement ‑ Two methods for replacing an intermittent or defective S‑760 encoder

April 2020

     S‑50, S‑330, S‑550 & W‑30 Sample Disk Image Reader Utility Ver.1.2 ‑ Added new fonts, eMail contact + more

February 2020

    Fuse Reference For Roland Synths/Samplers ‑ A useful page for locating, testing & replacing fuses

September 2019

    GOTEK FlashFloppy Firmware ‑ Instructions for updating a GOTEK with free FlashFloppy firmware specific to Roland gear

Standard GOTEK
    GOTEK Factory Default Firmware ‑ Instructions for using a GOTEK w/Factory Default Firmware specific to Roland gear

August 2019

    W‑30 SCSI IC Test ‑ Instructions for checking your W‑30 to see if it has the optional SCSI IC installed... without opening the case

July 2019

    Inexpensive After‑Market Floppy Disk Drive Replacements ‑ DIY info for replacing an unreliable or broken FDD

    S-760 LCD Replacement & Mouse+CRT Settings ‑ Can't read your LCD? Blind settings -or- a new NOS LCD does the trick

    W‑30 LCD Contrast Potentiometer Replacement ‑ An easy & inexpensive fix for this common problem

June 2019

    S‑50 Relay Coil Sounds ‑ Added Before & After comparisons of the noise, static & distorted audio fix by Open Mirror

March 2019

    W‑30 LCD Replacement DIY - A $30 (USD) LCD replacement. Stop that whining banshee from Hell !!!

     S‑50 RSB Sample Library Converted To *.wav & Akai *.akp Formats ‑ Yep! All 80 disks. Lots of data ;^)

December 2018

    W‑30 Wheel & Encoder Replacement/Repair - Several quality options available to fix or upgrade
    Real‑Time Filter Control For Your W‑30 - Take Your W‑30 To The Next Level

November 2018

    S-330 Samples - A custom set of 27 S‑330 disks

September 2018

How To Burn *.MDX, *.ISO, *.BIN & *.CUE Files To CD‑ROM
    Quick Tutorial - Extra section added with instructions for burning the Roland L‑CD1 & other Roland CD‑ROM's

    HD5‑IF & KW‑30 SCSI Info - Additional SCSI reference images added for the S‑550 & W‑30 here

June 2018

DIY / Multi‑Partitioning A MicroSD Card (S‑750 / S‑760 / S‑770)
    SCSI2SD Configuration Files - Add up to four virtual CD‑ROM's (or four virtual Hard Drives)

May 2018

     IMPORTANT SCSI2SD CORRECTIONS If, in the past you used the SCSI2SD setup info from the DIY
     webpage, I have updated it to correct a few items;

          1)   If you use the Hot Swap feature to plug/unplug microSD cards on the fly, be sure to turn "Enable
                Unit Attention" ON & then SAVE the configuration

          2)   It turns out that removing the two on-board SIP terminators is not necessary. Regardless of which
                SCSI numbers are set on the SCSI2SD card, it will always be the last item physically plugged into
                the SCSI chain. Keeping these terminators in place is recommended

          3)   Various configurations shown at the SCSI2SD ‑ Example Setups page have been corrected to
                 match‑up with SIP termination schemes

April 2018

    S‑50 Control Jack Templates ‑ Control & Audio Jack locators in PDF format
    S‑50 Relay Coil PCB ‑ Two solutions for solving noise, static & distorted audio issues

     S‑760 Freeware Sample CDROM ‑ 10 volumes - 93 patches - 562 samples in *.ISO format

February 2018

     Roland U‑220 / U‑20 Drum & FX Collection - More than 270 high quality *.WAV files from Martin78

December 2017

     'Sampler Special Issue' - 37 Page article from 1989 Keyboard Magazine featuring several sampler comparisons
     'S‑50 Keyboard Report' - In‑Depth Article from 1986 Keyboard Magazine

October 2017

     Updated All Roland Support File Links ‑ Roland Corp U.S. perpetually changes their download links. BLAH!

August 2017

     Distorted S-550 Audio Out ‑ Non-grounded mixers or other equipment may have fried the Audio Out transistors

May 2017

     S-550 EXT CTRL Port ‑ Problems with Mouse & RC-100 control... A "must-read" for all S-550 owners!
     S-50 & S-550 3.5" FDD Replacements ‑ A low cost 3.5" floppy disk dive mod for Drive #0 + 720KB density

April 2017

     W-30 Floppy Disk Drive Replacements ‑ Support info & diagrams for Teac 3.5" FDD replacement
     S-760 Floppy Disk Drive Replacements ‑ Support info & diagrams for Chinon 3.5" FDD replacement

March 2017

     EPROM's & OTP EPROM's ‑ Detailed info about S‑550 & W‑30 firmware
     Tact Switch Replacements ‑ Part Numbers, Pics, Repair Tips & Vendor Info
     VGA Video Converter Board ‑ For wiring clarity, reworked images & added Letters vs. Numbers
     Expanded Topics List ‑ Quick navigation links added for "hidden" webpages

     W-30 Hidden Patches ‑ "Easter Eggs" are concealed on the boot disks
     'W‑30 Keyboard Report' - In‑Depth Article from 1989 Keyboard Magazine

     New S-7xx & S-50 Disks Added - 65 Disks! Roland UK Synths & 16th Century Instruments Collections

February 2017

     W-30 Tips & Tricks ‑ W‑30 Menu Navigation & Useful Links To W‑30 Tech Websites

     Power Switch Replacements ‑ Part Numbers, Pics, Repair Tips & Vendor Info

January 2017

     'The Roland S-760 Demystified' - In‑Depth Article from 1996 Keyboard Magazine

     SCSI2SD: Example Setups ‑ New page w/different SCSI2SD configurations for S‑550 / W‑30

December 2016

     'Keyboard Clinic: Roland S‑50 / S‑550 / S‑330' In‑Depth Article from 1991 Keyboard Magazine

October 2016

     Spare Parts Cross Reference Chart ‑ The SEARCH is on!
     W‑30 SCSI ‑ Additional info about SCSI & the Fujitsu MB89352AP IC chip

     DT‑100 Digitizer Tablet Owner's Manual ‑ The most boring manual Roland ever printed

August 2016

     S‑50 Service Information Sheets For Roland Engineers ‑ Fresh from the factory

July 2016

     SysEx File Verification Utility v1.(1b) - Great utility for synth/sampler SysEx file matching

June 2016

     S-550 & W-30 ZIP Disk & Hard Drive Image File - Added the first 64 floppies of the S‑50 RSB Library
     Sample Disk Image Reader Utility Ver.1.1(c) ‑ A minor revision to recognize Legacy O/S disks

     W-30 Hard Drive Boot Configuration - Booting a W‑30 O/S from the hard drive with or without a Gotek
     S-550 & W-30 UltraSCSI - Connecting inexpensive 80‑pin hard drives to save big bucks

May 2016

     Tutorial For Cloning/Restoring/Archiving 80MB Sample ZIP Disks & Hard Drives - Lot's‑O‑Stuff here

     Sample Disk Image Reader Utility Ver.1.1(b) - Added support for W‑30 Sound & Song disk image files
     S-550 & W-30 ZIP Disk & Hard Drive Image Files - Added *.img files to create your own ZIP or HD
     W-30 Sample CD's - Added two W‑30 *.iso files. Burn your own sample CD's with 64 floppies on each

     S-550 Hard Drive Boot Configuration - Setting up the S‑550 hard drive boot sequence
     S-550 & W-30 External CD-ROM Compatibility Matrix - Choices are few. Help complete the list
     USB Floppy Drive Toggle Switch - This DIY makes the USB Floppy Emulator much easier to operate

April 2016

     The Hard To Find L-Series Set ‑ These 45 disks, L‑501 through L‑509, are finally available
     Burn Your Own L‑CD1 CD-ROM The Easy Way ‑ Detailed instructions for people who don't own Nero
     Giant Listing Of The RSB, L‑Series & L‑CD1 CD‑ROM Disks ‑ It's all here

     W‑30 SCSI Upgrade IC Chip Info for adding "dirt cheap" SCSI connectivity
     W‑30 External CD-ROM Connecting an external CD‑ROM. Wow! Endless Menus! NICE!!!
     W‑30 & S‑550 SCSI Hard Drive Info for connecting an external SCSI hard drive
     USB Floppy Drive Emulator Mods Make USB I/O tasks easier + black color scheme

February 2016

     W‑30 LCD Backlight Replacement New "Cool Blue" Electroluminescent Panels less than $10

January 2016

     W‑30 Support I just bought two W‑30's!!! More support files & samples to be added over time
     W‑30 Control Jack Templates Control & Audio Jack locators in PDF format

     W‑30 Links New Webpages Added For W‑30 Tech Support

December 2015

     Sample Disk Image Reader Utility Ver.1.1(a) ‑ Added S‑50 & S‑330 Disk Image File Support

November 2015

     S‑50 Sales Brochure Gatefold From 1986 8 Pages of the S‑50 in all it's glory @600 dpi

October 2015

     SCSI ZIP Drive Installing & using an external SCSI ZIP drive with the S‑550 & W‑30

     Sample Disk Image Reader Utility Ver.1.0(a) ‑ Patch, Tone, Disk Label & System Version Info Utility
     Complete 80‑Disk S‑50 RSB Library ‑ The S‑50 RSB library in S‑50 *.OUT disk image format
     Complete 80‑Disk S‑50 RSB Library In USB Format ‑ For use with an SFRM72‑FU‑DL Emulator & S‑50
     S‑50 Miscellaneous Collection #2 ‑ Collection of converted W‑30 disks in S‑50 *.OUT disk image format
     S‑50 Miscellaneous Collection #2 In USB Format ‑ For use with an SFRM72‑FU‑DL Emulator & S‑50
     S‑550 RSB Sample Library Converted To *.wav & Akai *.akp Formats ‑ Yep! All 60 disks. Lots of data ;^)

September 2015

     Current System & Utility Versions For Various Samplers - Disk headers, dates, info & more

     USB Floppy Disk Drive Emulator A low cost solution to replace the 3.5" disk drive on an S‑50 / S‑550 / W‑30

     Complete 80‑Disk S‑50 RSB Library Converted To S-550 USB Format For use with an SFRM72‑FU‑DL Emulator
     Complete 60‑Disk S‑550 RSB Library In USB Format ‑ For use with an SFRM72‑FU‑DL Emulator & S‑550
     Complete LSeries 15Disk Library ‑ The L‑501 through L‑503 sets released in 1987 for S‑50 / S‑550
     Complete 80‑Disk S‑50 RSB Library ‑ The S‑50 RSB library in S‑550 *.OUT disk image format

     Added A New LINKS Page

August 2015

     S‑550 RSB Sample Library The complete 60‑disk collection in S‑550 *.OUT disk image format

     S‑50 & S‑550 Front Panel Display Issues - Using replacement FIP coils from other synthesizers

July 2015

     S‑50 / S‑330 / S‑550 Monitor Sharing Project - Inexpensive DIY if you use 2 or more S‑Series samplers
     Freudelheim - A link to a webpage with some good S‑550 reference material

May 2015

     S‑550 Startup Sequence - Process for booting the S‑550

     Omniflop Installation Notes - Support page for installing compatible 3.5" floppy disk drives in a computer

     Unusual Samples - 20 unusual sample disks in S‑50 & S‑550 *.OUT disk image formats
April 2015

The S‑50 / S330 / S‑550 / S760 / W30 Homepage Goes Live!


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